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[audio]Kenneth Koch class, May, 1979. - Koch, Kenneth
A Kenneth Koch class at the Naropa Institute. This recording begins halfway through the class and consists primarily of Koch's answers to student questions. Koch discusses his teaching experience in public schools and at Columbia University, and his own process of writing and revision.
Downloads: 317
[audio]Ed Sanders, Robin Blaser, Eleni Sikelianos, Marcella Durand, Peter Warshall and Anne Waldman panel: Alternative communities and writing, June, 2003. - Blaser, Robin; Durand, Marcella; Sanders, Ed; Sikelianos, Eleni; Waldman, Anne; Warshall, Peter
A panel with Eleni Sikelianos, Peter Warshall, Ed Sanders, Marcella Durand and Robin Blaser. The panelists discuss various ideas of community and the way in which writing affects society.
Downloads: 70
[audio]Philip Whalen class, part 4, August 1977. - Whalen, Philip
First half of a Philip Whalen class on Igor Stravinsky. After spending the first part of the class talking about rowdy poetry readings, Whalen discusses Stravinsky's ideas about time, order, and the creative process, then looks at how they apply to writing poetry. Whalen also tells anecdotes from Stravinsky's life, and talks about the sources for his music. (Continues on 77P030)
Downloads: 117
[audio]Zamora Ferlinghetti poetry reading July 1990 - Ferlinghetti, Lawrence; Ginsberg, Allen; Zamora, Daisy
Daisy Zamora and Lawrence Ferlinghetti read original poetry, Allen Ginsberg reads poems by Nicanor Parra. Zamora's poems also read in English included, "Death's Makeup," and "What Hands in my Hands."
Downloads: 497 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Lecture with Robin Blaser June 2003 - Blaser, Robin
Robin Blaser presents another of his famously unsummarizable lectures, in which he searches with us for guides on the journey "From there to here to where: writing." "There" is Blaser's early childhood in Idaho, living in a train car and learning about syphilis from a tent chautauqua. "Here" is the hell that, as Pound said, holding his hands across his heart, is "here." "Where" is the question of where we are now, and where we are going, "eyes filled and deserted by the divine" (Jean-Luc Nancy)...
Downloads: 238
[audio]Carl Rakosi part 1 June 1989 - Rakosi, Carl
Carl Rakosi reads and comments on an interview done with him for Conjunctions magazine, in which he discusses Zukofsky's editorship of Poetry Magazine; "Objectivism" as a term, a group, and a poetics; Rakosi's trouble writing and making a living; and other topics.
Downloads: 118
[audio]Joanne Kyger class 1 part 1 June 1981 - Kyger, Joanne
This is the second class in a series given by Joanne Kyger at the Naropa Institute in 1981 entitled Compassion for Place. Kyger looks heavily into Native American storytelling and poetry, focusing mainly on the plethora of Coyote Stories that are told in many different traditions, including here the Achomawi and Okanagan, and also on the works of native poets Jaime de Angulo and Simon Ortiz. This is class 1 of 12.
Downloads: 98
[audio]Joanne Kyger Class Visiting Poets class 2 July 1977 - Kyger, Joanne
Joanne Kyger presents a class at Naropa Institute in which she reads the poetry of Simon Ortiz and Lewis MacAdams, listens to an interview done with Ortiz by MacAdams, and discusses Ortiz's ideas and poetics. This is tape 1 of 2.
Downloads: 69
[audio]Anne Waldman Class September 1989 - Waldman, Anne
This first class of Waldman's graduate Gertrude Stein seminar centers on Stein's book The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas. The class discusses their reading of the text in-depth and Waldman lectures on Stein's earlier life, her teachers, brother and her relationship with Alice B. Toklas.
Downloads: 152
[audio]Anne Waldman class 3 June 1980 - Waldman, Anne
Anne Waldman, Rotating Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida, June 1980. Waldman presents a second class on Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, discussing the post-apocalyptic quality of the play, Shakespeare's genius, the nihilism and "modernity" of the play, its status as a "problem play" and its relationships with other of Shakespeare's problem plays. A love scene from Romeo and Juliet is compared with a love scene from Troilus and Cressida, and a passage from Milton is read to show connections b...
Downloads: 79
[audio]Anne Waldman class 1 June 1980 - Waldman, Anne
Anne Waldman, Rotating Shakespeare: Troilus and Cressida, June 1980. Waldman presents a class on Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida, discussing the historical, biographical, and cultural context of the play as well as exploring the main characters and reading from the more famous speeches of the play. (Continued on 80P140). This is class 1 of 4.
Downloads: 207
[audio]Anne Waldman reading 1978 August 1978 - Waldman, Anne
An Anne Waldman reading. Introduced by Allen Ginsberg, Waldman reads eleven of her poems including "Cable blue mosque."
Downloads: 190
[audio]Anne Waldman Class August 1978 - Waldman, Anne
One in a series of classes given by Anne Waldman on the work of Gertrude Stein at the Naropa Institute. In this class Waldman focuses on Stein's play Four saints in three acts, reading from the play and discussing its background, language, and production.
Downloads: 110
[audio]Snyder Colloquium August 1983 - Snyder, Gary
Gary Snyder chairs a colloquium consisting of unnamed faculty members in which they discuss art in terms of right occupation, entertainment. product, process, morality, quality, and one's audience.
Downloads: 186
[audio]Joanne Kyger class 1 June 1977 - Kyger, Joanne
Joanne Kyger concludes a class by reading Simon Ortiz's "The saga of coyote" and discussing its parallels in Western culture and mythology. This is tape 2 of 2.
Downloads: 105
[audio]Warren Tallman Naropa 1991 - Tallman, Warren
A class on Robert Creeley taught by Warren Tallman in 1991 at Naropa. Tallman's role in the San Francisco Renaissance put him in contact with many authors that shaped the later 20th century, including Charles Olson and Allen Ginsberg, which gives him a unique perspective on the poetry and life of Robert Creeley. In this class Tallman discusses Creeley's poems Kore, The Gift, and Somewhere.
Downloads: 117
[audio]Whalen lecture part 3 June 1987 - Whalen, Philip
Philip Whalen talking about Writers on writing. He opens by reading "the art of fiction" by Henry James and then "composition as explanation" by Gertrude Stein. He offers commentary during these readings intermittently. He then talks about time, relativity and his writing process. As he continues, he begins to mention specific writers and their writing and how they were influenced or how they influenced him...
Downloads: 319
[audio]Whalen lecture part 1 June 1987 - Whalen, Philip
A lecture, "Writers On Writing," delivered at the Naropa Institute June 24, 1987. Whalen spends the majority of the lecture discussing various practices of Zen Buddhism. Whalen also discusses the work of Richard Deurden, Gertrude Stein and Leslie Scalapino.
Downloads: 333
[audio]Whalen lecture part 4 June 1987 - Whalen, Philip
Second portion of Philip Whalen lecture "Writers on Writing" that begins with PW talking about the book "Magnetic Fields." There is then more discussion regarding Gertrude Stein where PW mentions the "Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas" as good insight into Stein's process and work. He then talks about musical literature in response to an audience question where he mentions the book "The Banquet Years." Then he reads portions of "Tender Buttons" aloud by Gertrude Stein and ends with brief commenta...
Downloads: 98
[audio]Whalen lecture part 2 June 1987 - Whalen, Philip
Final portion of a Philip Whalen lecture. This portion of the lecture is just a series of questions and answers primarily dealing with vocabulary: its importance and ways to improve. Series 87P047 and 87P048
Downloads: 199
[audio]In the pressure tank, Class 9 - Whalen, Philip
Second half of Class 9 of "In the Pressure Tank" series held at Naropa Institute between July 23 and August 20, 1980. (The whole series is contained on 80P093-115.) Philip Whalen discusses Hart Crane's life during the period in which "The Bridge" was composed, with an emphasis on the literary climate of the time. (Continued from 80p107.) Keywords: New American Poetry, West Coast poetry, Buddhism, American modernist poetry, symbolism
Downloads: 147
[audio]Allen Ginsberg and Philip Whalen reading, June, 1975 - Ginsberg, Allen; Waldman, Anne; Whalen, Philip
Philip Whalen and Allen Ginsberg read poetry at the Naropa Institute. Whalen reads "The 20th of July 1958," "Denunciation," "Hymnus ad patrum," "Something nice about myself," "Manifesto 1959," "Awake a moment," "Late afternoon," "The great beyond Denver," "Theophany," and others. Ginsberg reads "Cyanide water in Pittsburgh," "Reading the newspapers can drive you mad," "Freedom of speech," "Calvin C Cook," "Last night Allen Ginsberg," "Chicago futures," "End Vietnam War," and others.
Downloads: 410
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Poetry class May 1986 - Ginsberg, Allen; Waldman, Anne
Final discussion in an Allen Ginsberg class on poetry. Anne Waldman teaches jointly, they emphasize the way a poem is meant to be read as well as different possibilities for brainstorming as a group.
Downloads: 152
[audio]Carl Rakosi part 2 June 1989 - Ginsberg, Allen; Rakosi, Carl
Objectivist poet Carl Rakosi continues a lecture on Objectivism and his own work. The conversation focuses on poetry's relation to politics and the social. Rakosi, Allen Ginsberg, and the students in the audience discuss and debate whether poetry has political influence, the difference between poetry and history, and Rakosi's "existential" view of poetry.
Downloads: 94
[audio]Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac part 1 June 1977 - Ginsberg, Allen; Ginsberg, Allen
The first tape in a two part series which is a class taught by Allen Ginsberg. Subject matter includes the life and work of Jack Kerouac. This is part 1 of 2.
Downloads: 3,853
[audio]Allen Ginsberg lecture political poetics part 12July 1989 - Ginsberg, Allen
The second tape in a two tape series covering political poetics and the Russian poets. Also included are readings of the work of Pablo Neruda and the conept of imagination and emotional breakthrough.
Downloads: 292 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Lecture part 2 October 1983 - Ginsberg, Allen
This is the second portion of a class on Autobiographical Poetry/Writing. The class begins with Allen Ginsberg (AG) talking about the upcoming protest at Rocky Flats and there is much discussion about logistics. The class then reads from Reznikoff's Volume I and students begin sharing their material. Intermitently during the student readins, Allen provides feedback and gives concrete examples from their respective works on how to condense and improve the immediacy of the writing...
Downloads: 143
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Lecture part 1 October 1983 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg Class on Autobiographical Poetry. He has the students read their respective pieces that relate to autobigraphy and then he reads many sections of Reznikoff's autobiographical poetry. He mentions David Copes "Quiet Lives" and Joe Brainards's poem, "I Remember" as good resources for this style of writing. He also talks about Kerouac's book movie and methods for list making and fact organizing so that poem is a quick flash of images that have structured one's life...
Downloads: 288
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 19th Century Poetry part 12 October 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg 19th Century Poetics class on Coleridge. AG reads many lines from "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" with discussion around the language, imagery and structure. He then acquaints the poem to being a parable about junk because Coleridge was a junky. AG then reads "The Aeolian Harp", "Ode to the departing year", "This lime tree bower, my prison", "Dejection in ode" and "To Lewti." There is a discussion regarding the word "wierd" and then som etalk about the Buddhist notion of renounc...
Downloads: 239
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 19th Century Poetry part 10 October 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg 19th Century Poetics: Wordsworth's "Prelude." This class goes through a series of pieces of Wordsworth's Prelude. This is a very long poem separated into books. AG reads aloud from Books 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10. There is commentary intermittently dispersed through each reading and comparisons of Wordsworth to other authors. In the beginning of the class, there is a long digression on synchronicity, as Book 5 has "Spots of Time" which is a recount of a dream originally of Descartes.
Downloads: 348
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 19th Century Poetry part 11 October 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg class, 19th century poetry begins with continued discussion of Wordsworth's "Prelude" from class on 81P167. Ginsberg reads from Book 11 Line 106, Book 12 line 208 and Book 14 lines 10-61. There is some discussion of Reznikof and his Five Groups of Verse. Then the class moves on to Coleridge's Kubla Khan, which is read aloud and discussed.
Downloads: 191
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 19th Century Poetry part 6 October 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg class on 19h Century Poetry. This class begins with a class organizing and distribution of papers and handouts. The discussion begins with background and catchup regarding Blake's 6th book and leads into the lecture for the day which is a line by line breakdown and discussion of Blake's 7th book. The material is read with detail and explanantion of symbology with some comparison to Shelley's "Triumph of Life." This class also incorporates a discussion about the Four Zoas which rel...
Downloads: 203
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class part 4 August 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
A class in an Allen Ginsberg course on expansive poetics. The class opens with Ginsberg talking about the painter/poet Marsden Hartley. Ginsberg reads Hartley's I admire my native city, Spring, Drama number one, and Window cleaner to nude mannequin. The class does a choral reading of Vachel Lindsay's The Congo and talks about Lindsay's life. Ginsberg reads William Carlos Williams' To Elsie and a section of The Clouds...
Downloads: 292
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class July 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg class on Expansive Poetry. This class begins with AG talking about the change in writing as time and technology progressed with repsect to voyage writing and travel accounts. He reads from Carpenter's "The secret of time and satan" and then there is a digressive conversation about meditation and being mindful and the San Franscisco New School. Then the class reads Dunan's "The lightfoot hears you and the darkness begins" and there is talk about the Whitmanesque quality of the writ...
Downloads: 262
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 3 Expansive Poetics July 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Tape 3 in an 11 tape series of a class taught by Allen Ginsberg on Expansive Poetics. Subject matter includes some discussion of the Russian Futurists and two short readings by Russian Futurist writers.
Downloads: 320
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class 2 Expansive Poetics July 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Tape 2 in an 11 tape series of a class taught by Allen Ginsberg on Expansive Poetics. Subject matter includes background on the Russian Futurists as well as the reading of works by Paul Klebnikov.
Downloads: 421
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Class part 2 June 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg class on Expansive Poetics. He opens by talking about Pushkin and reads his "The Prophet," "Message to Syberia" and a couple others. He then moves to American `19th century authors and talks about Edgar Allen Poe and reads "The Bells" and "Anabelle Lee." He then talks about rhythm and the spondee and goes into great details explaining and giving examples of different meters. He defines meter and foot...
Downloads: 396
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Workshop part 1 April 1981 - Ginsberg, Allen
Allen Ginsberg subtitutes for a workshop class taught by Tom Pickard recorded April 1, 1981 at Naropa. In this class, Allen discusses poetic composition using Corso, Marshall,Spicer, Kerouac, Blake, Pound, Williams, Bunting and others as examples. Later, students present their work and Ginsberg gives critiques often discussing the methods of composition, structureing, and selection of vocabulary in poetry...
Downloads: 277
[audio]Allen Ginsberg class 4 August 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
This is a class on Shakespeare's Tempest, taught by Allen Ginsberg, from August 20, 1980 at Naropa. At the outset, Ginsberg explains that instead of reading the whole play through, he will touch on important lines in each Act and scene and explore them deeply. In this recording he discusses Act IV scenes 1 through 3 with various digressions and explications on Shakespeare's metaphores and quotes from Elizabethan poets, Calderon's La Vida Es Sueno and Henry King's image of a bubble...
Downloads: 2,371
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics, Class 26 - Ginsberg, Allen
A literature class, "Basic Poetics," taught by Allen Ginsberg at The Naropa Institute April 28, 1980. The majority of the class is spent reading and discussing the work of the poets John Suckling and Andrew Marvell. The work of Anne Bradstreet, Abraham Cowley, Richard Crawshaw, Thomas Carew, and Richard Lovelace is also discussed. This is class 26 of 33.
Downloads: 293
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 24 April 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
A literature class, "Basic Poetics," taught by Allen Ginsberg at The Naropa Institute April 21, 1980. Ginsberg and class begin by discussing the poetry of Hart Crane and John Milton with regards to prosody. Ginsberg spends most of the rest of the class reading from and discussing John Milton's Paradise Lost. This is class 24 of 33.
Downloads: 382
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics, Class 23 - Ginsberg, Allen
A literature class taught by Allen Ginsberg at The Naropa Institute, April 14, 1980. Ginsberg and class read and discuss the poetry of Hart Crane, George Herbert, Henry King and Dylan Thomas. Ginsberg also speaks extensively about the notions of condensation, vision and meter. This is class 23 of 33.
Downloads: 560
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics, Class 16 - Ginsberg, Allen
A continuation of a Basic Poetics Class taught by Allen Ginsbergin 1980 at Naropa. In this class Ginsberg covers William Shakespeare's Sonnets. Topics include reading the sonnets as a novel of a love triangle between Shakespear, a young man, and the Dark Lady. Some works discussed and read include Sonnets 20 (the key to the sonnets), 18, 29, 33, 57 (the S and M sonnet), 64, 65, 73, 94, 116, 129, 144, 147, 152, and 153...
Downloads: 502
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 11 February 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
The eleventh in a series of a basic poetics class taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. In this class he continues his discussion of Basil Bunting, Campion and Dowland. Works read and discussed include Thou Must Home to Shadow Underground and Follow Thy Fair Sun by Campion. This is class 11 of 33.
Downloads: 348
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 13 February 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
A continuation of the thirteenth class on Basic Poetics taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. In this tape the class discusses Hart Crane and Sir Phillip Sydney. This is class 13 of 33.
Downloads: 356
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 4 January 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
The fourth in a series of a basic poetics class taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa. In this class he continues his discussion of Old English poetry stressing this time the alliterative aspects of the verse. Also included is Old Anglo-Saxon alliterative verse such as Beowulf and Sir Gwain and the Green Knight then shifts into The Age of Anxiety by W. H. Auden (who in this 100 pg. poem uses Old English meter and Anglo-Saxon alliteration) to draw a fine juxtaposition in the evolution and di...
Downloads: 414
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics, Class 3 - Ginsberg, Allen
This is the 3rd session of a class in basic poetics taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at the Naropa Institute. In this class, Ginsberg discusses H. Phelps Putnam, and reads Putnam's Hasbrook and the rose. He then reads and discusses Geoffrey Chaucer's Merciless beauty in conjunction with Ezra Pound's Cantos 81. After discussing alliteration and other aspects of verse, he reads and discusses Pound's translation of The sea-farer...
Downloads: 523
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 2 January 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
Continuation of a Basic Poetics class by Allen Ginsberg in 1980. In this class he explores the world of 13th-15th C. poetry. "Drop this poetry like acid," says Allen. This is class 2 of 33.
Downloads: 997
[audio]Allen Ginsberg Basic Poetics class 1 January 1980 - Ginsberg, Allen
The first session of a class in basic poetics taught by Allen Ginsberg in 1980 at Naropa Institute. This session discusses Shakespeare's poetry and the Lyric and Ballad poets, juxtaposing these with Modernist, Futurist, and contemporary poets such as William Carlos Williams, Ezra Pound, Charles Reznikoff, and David Cope, to show the evolution and direction of poetics. Ginsberg ends the session by reading extensively from Cope's selected works...
Downloads: 1,118
[audio]Allen Ginsberg on Jack Kerouac part 2 June 1977 - Ginsberg, Allen
Part two of a two part series in which Allen Ginsberg discusses the life and work of Jack Kerouac in relation to himself and other figures of the literary scene. Includes some readings from Kerouac's piece entitled, "Vanity of Duluoz." This is part 2 of 2.
Downloads: 920
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